IMG_1736Support for Annual Programs

Prior to the launch of the Campaign for TJ in the fall of 2013, all gifts to the TJ Partnership Fund were recognized on an Annual Fund Donor List. Links to those lists are below.

Non-Campaign gifts made during the 2013-2014 and subsequent school years — for example, gifts directed towards annual school programs such as tjSTAR —  are recognized in the Donor List that appears in the print version of the Back-to-School Newsletter as well as in the online Donor List.

2012-2013 Annual Fund Donor List
2011-2012 Annual Fund Donor List
2010-2011 Annual Fund Donor List
2009-2010 Annual Fund Donor List Supplement
2009-2010 Annual Fund Donor List

FY 2012 Annual Report
FY 2011 Annual Report