TJ’s Unique Research Labs

TJ’s Science and Technology Research Laboratories form the cornerstone of its college-level program. Every senior conducts original research in one (or more) of TJ’s Labs or pursuant to the School’s Mentorship Program. Underclassmen can apply to use the new JUMP Lab to work research into their school day.
TJ’s Lab Directors explain the work of their Labs at this link.

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Automation and Robotics

Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Chemical Analysis & Nanochemistry

Communication Systems

Computer Systems

Energy Systems

Engineering Design


Mobile & Web Application Development


Oceanography and Geophysical Systems

Quantum Physics & Optics

Prototyping and Engineering Materials

JUMP (Jefferson Underclassmen Multidisciplinary Projects)

IMG_2536How Research Furthers TJ’s Mission

  • Exposes students to new and emerging technologies by assuring availability of state of the art equipment and materials
  • Broadens student opportunities for “real-world” interface with industry and academia by expanding mentorship opportunities
  • Enriches classroom and laboratory instruction by enabling teacher training and assistance, and
  • Advances the ongoing evolution of “best practices” in mathematics, science and technology curriculum by ensuring the development, evaluation, and sharing of innovative ideas

Supporting TJ Research

TJ’s new two-story Research Lab Wing contains the School’s first facilities designed specifically to conduct research. Private funds are needed to fully outfit TJ’s expanded and upgraded lab spaces.  Learn more about supporting TJ’s Research Labs.