President Obama, at TJ to sign the America Invents Act, congratulates a TJ ‘12 student for her “One Question” project distributing solar lamps to students in rural India and Kenya and encouraging them with their studies.

“One Question” Grants

Student-Proposed Questions Lead to Reflection and Innovation.

The 2016-2017 “One Question,” submitted by Adarsh Kulkarni, TJ ’17, and Jami Park, TJ ’17 is:

“How can we better embrace failure within the TJ community and use it as an opportunity for learning and growth?

Students and faculty submit grant proposals for projects based on the annual “One Question,” which the entire school examines through assigned and optional activities. Many of the funded projects have an outreach component.

For 2016-2017 sponsorship information, contact Samantha Courtney, Partnership Fund Development Manager, at or 703.750.8317.