Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Partnership Fund, Inc.


About Us

How does the TJ Partnership Fund support
the educational programs of TJHSST?

The Partnership Fund’s mission, in a single phrase, is to “support the educational programs of TJ.”

We do this primarily through:

  • Supporting the purchase and maintenance of university-level research instrumentation;

  • Supporting the participation of TJ’s world-class faculty in professional development opportunities;

  • Providing TJ’s remarkable Student Groups with funding to push the boundaries of what’s possible for high school students;

  • Connecting TJ students with STEM leaders in business, academia, and government;

  • Enhancing the TJ Student Experience through connections with our unparalleled Alumni network;

  • … and so much more!

Why is the Partnership Fund necessary for TJHSST?

The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology was established in 1985 as a full-service high school for advanced study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In creating the school, Fairfax County leadership hoped to inspire businesses in those fields to take up residence in Northern Virginia as the new TJHSST developed the STEM professionals and thought leaders of the next generation.


TJ receives funding from Fairfax County Public Schools to run a high school, and some from the State of Virginia through the Governor’s School Program. As TJ continued to grow and change over the years, it became clear that additional funding was needed in order to maximize the capabilities of its remarkable student body.  The Partnership Fund (PF) was therefore established in 1999 to support the educational programs of TJ and to firmly establish the school as a leader in secondary STEM education. 


Through the generosity of TJ’s alumni, parents past and present, corporations and foundations, and friends of TJ who understand the school’s importance, the Partnership Fund has been able to authorize grants of over $600,000 to TJ during the 2022-23 school year and over $10 million to the school throughout its history. We hope you will join us in empowering limitless potential at TJ

Together in 2022-23, the TJ Partnership Fund:

  • Enhanced the laser cutting and engraving capacities of TJ’s senior research labs and Design and Technology classrooms;
  • Secured the maintenance and upkeep of TJ’s university-level research instrumentation through 2025;
  • Invited 100 TJ seniors and juniors to interface with STEM leaders through our Internship Fair;
  • Supported the launch of TJ’s second satellite into space, and TJ SPACE’s participation in the National Small Satellite Conference;
  • Brought thousands of aspiring middle and elementary school scientists into TJ through programs like Techstravaganza, MSTI, and the TJ Invitational Science Fair;
  • Helped TJ Science Olympiad host a Regional Qualifier at TJ and win the Virginia State Championship; 
  • … and so much more!

The TJ Partnership Fund does not:

  • Fund grants to individuals, political causes, advocacy groups, or any entity not directly affiliated with TJHSST;
  • Accept or solicit donations from entities seeking to gain influence with FCPS or TJHSST;
  • Accept donations restricted to specific TJHSST programs unless authorized by FCPS and the TJHSST administration;
  • Represent or speak on behalf of TJHSST or FCPS in any matter;
  • Have or seek influence in any matter of TJHSST or FCPS policy, including with respect to staffing, curriculum, and/or admissions.

The TJ Partnership Fund is independent of, and not owned or operated by, Fairfax County Public Schools and/or TJHSST.