Daniel_Chae-SiemensSupporting TJ Research

Campaign funds are needed first and foremost to enable TJ to advance its unique research-based curriculum.

Because developing and maintaining college-level research facilities is so expensive, significant private support is essential to provide the state-of-the-art equipment, technology, and infrastructure needed by the School’s fifteen Research Labs, as well as the faculty training and assistance necessary to support the cutting-edge technology and curriculum.

IMG_1761Generous Campaign Donations Are Already Outfitting TJ’s New Research Labs With:

  • Cutting edge equipment, such as the 3D sonar mapping system for coastal topography studies in the Oceanography Lab, and the nuclear magnetic resonance tomograph, a two-state quantum measurement system, for the Quantum Physics Lab.
  • Attachments, software, kits, and equipment supplies like the bioinformatics package for the Biotechnology Lab’s new personal genome machine and the fluorescence microscope upgrade for a microscope the Lab shares with the Neuroscience Lab.
  • Newer models of existing equipment, such as the lab-grade aquaria systems for the Oceanography Lab, and upgraded oscilloscopes for the Microelectronics and Robotics Labs.
  • Industrial-sized versions of existing equipment, such as the CNC router system for the Prototyping Lab.
  • IMG_3120Specialized lab furniture for welding, soldering, and other technical work in the Robotics, Energy Systems, Prototyping, Oceanography, and Engineering Design Labs; and optical tables for vibration-free work in the Quantum Physics Lab;
  • Storage facilities and equipment like the storage room shelving for Robotics, Computer Systems, Energy Systems, and Prototyping; and the Mobile & Web App Development Lab’s 24-locker cell phone cabinet.
  • Features that improve lab technique and safety like the Biotechnology Lab’s hands-free faucets, the Prototyping Lab’s dust-collection system, and the JUMP Lab’s safety shower and eye wash station.
  • New technology such as the Android phones and tablets for the new Mobile & Web App Development Lab; arbitrary waveform function generator for the Microelectronics Lab; and the mini laser-cutter for the Engineering Design Lab.