IMG_2742Current & Past TJ Parents & Grandparents:

Support the Historic


Set an Example: Donate

The Campaign for TJ must succeed if our School is to obtain everything it needs that public funds won’t cover — equipment, technology, upgraded infrastructure, and more — so please donate and encourage your friends to do the same. Recognition Opportunities are available for gifts of $10,000 and up; gifts of $5,000 and up are recognized on a (now temporary) Campaign Wall of Honor in the renovated building’s main lobby; and Auditorium seat plaques will be available for gifts of $1,000 and up.

IMG_2734Get Smart: Stay Informed

Open all School-related emails, including those from the PF (and PTSA), and read the PF quarterly newsletters. Attend PF special events, where you can learn your way around the new building, see the research labs, and hear seniors explain their projects.

Be a Player: Introduce Your Employer to TJ

The PF needs corporate support for the Campaign, as well as for ongoing programs and the School’s important outreach work. Parents with corporate ties may wish to assist the Corporate Board, which, among other things, helps organize the Partnership Fund’s annual Internship Fair.

img_3793Get Involved: Join Our Team

All hands on deck. Dedicated volunteers are the key to our ability to meet our Campaign goals. Activities include staffing events such as Back-to-School Night; participating in the spring Phonathon; conducting internet research to identify solicitation prospects; and strategizing with our team. We also need fundraisers, event planners, photographers, graphic artists, people willing to assist in the PF Office, and enthusiastic parents who just want to help.


Shaista Keating, Parent ’20, PF Volunteer Chair, at
Natalie Givans, Parent ’19, PF Parent Chair, at