2079247STEMbassador Program

Spreading the joy of STEM to every elementary and middle school in the region.

Program Continues to Grow:

The goal of TJ’s STEMbassador program is to spread the joy of learning to every school in the region. Dozens of TJ students are involved in the Program during the school year and over the summer, with students from other high schools joining TJ students in increasing numbers, as the Program expands its reach on two levels.

Student STEMbassadors assist with STEM activities, serve as role models, and invite youngsters from elementary and middle schools to TJ-hosted events. The STEMbassador Program has already reached over 100 area elementary schools, including many Title 1 schools. Since 2013, STEMbassadors also staff active summer STEM programs at over 50 schools.

Opportunities to Participate: Adults are needed to serve as STEMbassador liaisons to help establish contact with elementary and middle schools near their home or workplace.

For sponsorship information, contact Samantha Courtney, Partnership Fund Development Manager, at scourtney@fcps.edu or 703.750.8317.

For additional program information, email stembassadors@tjhsst.edu.