Industry Leader Speaker Series

The Series introduces key corporate personnel and their companies to the next generation of engineers, scientists and leaders.

CEOs/Others Share Company and Career “Secrets”: Senior personnel place their corporation on the inside track for future top employees by describing work in the pipeline, future ideas, talk about their own background or give career advice. Northrop Grumman CEO, President, and Chairman of the Board, Wes Bush, told an auditorium full of TJ students about the latest company projects; Google sent Vint Cerf, Chief Evangelist, and Wes Chun, Developer Advocate, to address students.

Lab Tours Provide Chance to Interact with Students: Some corporate representatives choose to meet students one-on-one. Battelleʼs CEO toured several labs with a group of executives, hearing from students about their senior research projects (pictured).

For More Information, contact Samantha Courtney, Partnership Fund Development Manager, at or 703.750.8317.